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This is a community for shounen ai and yaoi featuring the entire group of TVXQ together. Better know as an orgy or fivesome. However, it need not involve sex, anything pertaining to the friendship and love between the five of them is welcome.

Fics, graphics, photos, art, videos, ect. are all welcome.

Sorry for the lack of layout! I don't have the time or skil atm to put one together. If anyone would like to volunteer to make one, please let me know!

These are subject to change at any time as the mods deem nessacary.
If you have any problem with the rules or see anyone breaking them, please contact a mod.


1) No flaming, no heated arguements, no bashing of any of the work posted or the musical artists featured.
2) Respect your mods and fellow comm members.
3) Every post should have something to do with the theme of the comm: the 5 members of TVXQ together. This can be their friendship, love, or whatever, as long as it's all five of them.
4) Fics, art, graphics, videos, photos, news, ect. are all permitted as long as they reflect the above theme.
5) Any fics are allowed as long as at some point the five of them being together plays a part. For example: they're paired off for the majority of the fic, but get together for a orgy. Or if the five of them switch partners throughout the fic.
6) If you are underage and look at anything rated NC-17 we are not responsible.
7) When posting fics or graphics of a nature of PG-13 or over, please state so and put behind an lj cut.
8) Large pics or many pics should be behind an lj cut.

Your Admin
Please contact us if there is any problem or anything we can assist you with!